Ascending Systems

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GGG Frog System


The Frog is lightweight, compact, and simple. It uses a minimal amount of gear without compromising safety. The frog is great for technical vertical caving where rebelays are encountered and for high angle rescue where extreme mobility is required.

The Frog must be well-tuned to function efficiently. The seat harness, foot loop, chest harness, safety line and cow's tails must all be adjusted to the user or frogging will be a miserable experience. Good frog technique is not an especially natural movement--it requires practice to be efficient.

GGG Ropewalker System


The Ropewalker is great for scampering up pits that have uncomplicated rigging. This system was designed to be efficient on free drops. It utilizes a natural stair-climbing or bicycle-riding motion for ascent so it is simple to learn. The Ropewalker is a hands-free ascending system.


The Ropewalker is relatively bulky and heavy. It is also more expensive than the Frog since it requires more hardware. Off rope, ropewalkers are awkward since the feet are attached to the chest harness by a bungee cord. Travelling between drops usually requires taking the whole system off to avoid getting tangled in it.

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