The GGG Frog System

Please note: A complete GGG system is just that--an entire, safe, cave-ready ascending system. All our Frogs have double cow's tails with 'biners, and a seat harness.

The Frog is the lightest, most compact mechanical ascending system available, used widely in Europe and by expedition cavers world-wide. The Frog is a sit-stand system that does everything fairly well but excels at technical ropework. The Frog is also great anytime you have multiple drops with horizontal passages in between because of its simplicity and size.

The GGG Frog includes: GGG Frog Chest Harness, Petzl Croll chest ascender, GGG Adjustable Frog Foot Loop, Petzl Ascension handled ascender, MR short oval, adjustable safety strap, dynamic rope double cow's tails wtih two lon-locking 'biners, and GGG Caver Seat Harness with MR half-moon screwlink.

GGG Frog Chest Harness $20
Petzl Croll $57
GGG Frog Foot Loop $12
Petzl Ascension $65
7mm Short MR Oval Screwlink $4
GGG Adjustable Safety Strap $12
GGG Dynamic Rope Double Cow's Tail $12
2 Non-Locking 'Biners $14
GGG Caver Seat Harness $60
MR Half Moon Screwlink $10

Complete GGG Frog System with Seat Harness $ 250

Complete GGG Frog System w/o Ascenders $ 130


Each GGG system comes with a stuff sack and instructions coaching the user in fitting, use, and good technique. It is the user's responsibility to obtain expert instruction from an experienced person before using this equipment in any ropework.
GGG Frog Chest Harness $20

What's so special about the GGG Frog Chest Harness? It's the "H" design of the back of the harness. Other harnesses simply attach to the back of the seat harness or are of a figure 8 design, both of which tend to ride up and painfully chafe the back of the caver's neck. The GGG Frog Harness separates the two sides and has attachment points on the front of the seat harness for maximum efficiency, comfort and convenience.

Short fits 5'4" and under
Regular fits to 6'
XLarge fits to 6'10"
(Beck says this is the best thing we make)

Other Frog Options

Double Foot Loop $20
One strap connects the upper ascender to the feet with two loops so the feet are separated. Distributes weight over more of your boots; good for heavier cavers.

GGG Ultralight Seat Harness $60
Maybe the most efficient frog seat harness ever. Very low attachment point. Less web in the leg loops means less slop in the system, longer steps every time. Helps keep feet and legs together for powerful strides. It's not for everyone, but the experienced froggers will appreciate it. See seat harnesses for more information.


Petzl Basic $57
The ascender without a handle. When used as the upper ascender in a frog system, the Basic is lighter & less bulky than the Ascension. Encourages better form and less reliance on upper body strength.


Petzl Spelegyca $30
Sewn webbing, fixed-length cowstail. Made with a special shock-absorbing seam.

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