Carabiners & Screwlinks

For some applications, screwlinks are a better choice than Carabiners. When properly closed, they're safer than locking 'biners. Since they don't tend to unlock on their own, screwlinks are ideal any place you want a super secure connection (I.E. attaching a descender to your seat harness). They're also smaller, lighter and less expensive than carabiners. Half Moons are used to close seat harnesses because they can be loaded all along the curved side. Long MR's are also great for rigging. Short links are a good alternative to locking 'biners in ascending systems. All other MR Screwlinks available, please call.

Mallion-Rapide Screwlinks

3mm short galvanized 400# $2
4mm short galvanized 1985# $3
6mm short galvanized 4400# $3
7mm short galvanized 6060# $4
7mm long galvanized 5510# $5
10mm long galvanized 11,020# $8
10mm short aluminum 5510# $15
6mm long stainless 7160# $12
7mm long stainless 8820# $16
Half Moon galvanized 44 kN $10
Half Moon aluminum 17 kN $23
Half Moon stainless 61 kN $36
10mm Delta galvanized 9920# $10
10mm Delta aluminum 3860# $20
Petzl Omni Lock aluminum 15 kN $32
Petzl Omni Triact aluminum 15 kN $38

Which 'biners? The array can be endless. To lessen the confusion, we've chosen four basic styles and a few major brands. We think that most folks will find a 'biners to suit their needs in this list. Don't feel that we're limiting your options though. GGG carries full lines of Kong-Bonati, Petzl, Omega-Pacific, and SMC carabiners. If you want something specific, please ask.

Non-lockers (Straight or Bent Gate)
ABC Cypher $7
Petzl Spirit $10
Kong Ultratop $13
Kong Helium $13
Kong Oval $12

ABC Cypher

Petzl Spirit

Kong Ultratop

Kong Helium

Kong Oval

ABC Cypher

Kong Ultratop

Kong Guide

Petzl Am'D

SMC Aluminium

SMC Light Steel

OP Steel

D-Shaped Locking
ABC Cypher $10
Kong UltraTop $15
Kong Guide $14
Petzl Am'D $14
SMC Aluminum $15.50
SMC Light Steel $31
OP 7/16" Steel NFPA $19
OP 1/2" Steel NFPA $21
Pear Shaped Locking
Kong HMS $14
Petzl Attache $14
Petzl William $15

Kong HMS

Petzl Attache

Petzl William

Oval Locking
Kong $14
Petzl OK $16


Petzl OK

A Word on Carabiners

What 'biners to use? D-shaped carabiners should be loaded along the long axis, so only one thing should be clipped into each end. Ovals aren't as strong, but allow for attaching multiple items. Pear-shaped (HMS) 'biners are good for use with the Munter hitch for belaying or emergency rappelling. Non-locking 'biners are for cow's tails and rock climbing; straight gates are the standard, while bent gates open wider for easier clips.
Never close a seat harness with a locking carabiner. A half moon screw link, designed to be loaded in several directions at once, is much better suited for this use. If you have any questions about hardware use, call us!

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