The GGG Ropewalker System

Please note: A complete GGG system is just that--an entire, safe, cave-ready ascending system. All our Ropewalkers include three ascenders, an anti-heelhang strap, and a seat harness.

The GGG Ropewalkers are Double Bungee systems, which were developed to efficiently climb long, non-technical drops like Sotano de las Golondrinas (335 meters) and Fantastic Pit (156 meters). The GGG Ropewalker consists of the GGG Ropewalker Chest Harness, a swivel pulley, a bungee with hooks, a Petzl Ascension as the top ascender, an adjustable ascender strap, a pair of foot loops, a Petzl Basic as the knee ascender, a Petzl Croll as the foot ascender, an anti-heelhang strap, and the GGG Caver Harness with a MR Half Moon Screwlink. The bungee cord hooks into the Croll, passes through the pulley at the chest harness then hooks back into the Basic at the knee. The Ascension rides at the top of the Simmon's Roller. The anti-heelhang strap connects the knee ascender to the waist so that it's impossible to become completely inverted even if both the chest harness AND the top ascender are taken off the rope. All the straps and the bungees adjust to fit almost anyone. Full systems also come with an instruction booklet and stuff sack.

PMI RW Chest Harness and Roller $185
Bungee and Pulley Assembly $12
Petzl Ascension $65
GGG Top Ascender Strap $12
GGG RW Foot Loops $40
Petzl Basic $57
Petzl Croll $57
GGG Anti-Heelhang Strap $12
MR Short Screwlink $4
GGG Caver Seat Harness $60
MR Half Moon Screwlink $10

Complete Ropewalker System $470

Ropewalker w/o ascenders $300

Upgrade GGG Frog to Ropewalker $300

(includes RW Chest, Bungee, Footloops, Petzl Basic, and Anti-heelhang strap)


Each GGG system comes with a stuff sack and instructions coaching the user in fitting, use, and good technique. It is the user's responsibility to obtain expert instruction from an experienced person before using this equipment in any ropework.

The GGG Ropewalker System Options
PMI Ropewalker Chest Harness and Roller $185

The PMI chest plate, roller and harness features a clean design that's comfortable, efficient and easy to use. The all-metal roller incorporates a pivoting gate that swivels open or locks closed. Getting on and off rope is an easy one-handed operation. The chest harness has an extra-wide, padded back and is adjustable for a snug fit. Especially useful for top-heavy users.

Two sizes: Standard fits chest 30-40", Large fits 40-50"


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