Caving Harnesses

GGG caving harnesses have been developed from more than 15 years of experimentation. We make our harnesses of 6000 lb. test parachute web and all our seams have tested stronger than the webbing itself. All harnesses have gear loops on both sides of the waist strap and are completely adjustable. Available in Red, Blue, or Black.
Please note: All of these harnesses close with a Maillon-Rapide Half-Moon Screwlink.

GGG Caver Seat Harness $60
The Caver Seat Harness is a basic seat sling with adjustable waist and leg loops. Works well with any ascending system. This harness design is similar to many other brands but with some very important differences: the main attachment loops have been minimized to decrease slop and lower the attachment point; the leg loop buckles are located outside of the legs so that they don't pinch and poke. Definitely our most popular harness.

One size fits to 42" waist
GGG Ultralight Seat Harness $60
The Ultralight Seat Harness is a very lightweight, simple harness that consists of one adjustable strap running under the caver's buttocks and another around the waist. There are no leg loops but there is a 1" webbing strap that runs through the crotch and a round the buttstrap to keep the buttstrap in place between drops. This style minimizes the up and down slop when climbing, making this harness extremely well-suited for efficient frogging.
One size fits to 42" waist

Mallion-Rapide Half Moon Screw Links

Seat harnesses must be closed with a half-moon screwlink, which are designed to be loaded in several directions. Never use a locking carabiner to close a seat harness; carabiners are not intended for 3-way loading.

Galvanized 44 kN $10
Aluminum 17 kN $23
Stainless 61 kN $35


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