Bolting Gear

Bolting should be done sparingly (if at all) and with local ethics considered. Get expert instruction in use of the gear before trying to set bolt anchors on your own. Call us for technical info on all these anchors.

Petzl Bolting Gear
RocPec $66
Driver $33
RocPec Self-drive Adaptor $26
TamTam Hammer $68
Self-Drive Anchor, 8mm $3
Coeur SS Hanger, 10mm $5.50
90 Twist w/Bolt $6
Simple Bend w/Bolt $5
2 1/2 x 3/8 SS Bolt $4
Glue-in Bolt Set $24
Long Life $13

GGG Bolting Bags

Three inside pockets. External hammer holder, belt loops and clip-in ring.
Extra Large is 2" deep for dome climbs.
Available in PVC or Cordura.

Standart Bolt Bag $24
XL Bolt Bag $28
GGG Etriers $50/pair

Six-step, 4-foot long. Reinforced steps stay open. Clip-in loops at the top and bottom. Regular etriers are made of 1" web (4000 lb.) Light etriers are made of 1" flat tape (600 kg.)

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