Pulleys and Rigging

The Mini Prusik Minding Pulley is a must for anyone caving where self-rescue is a necessity. The addition of this small pulley and a prussik loop to every one's gear enables the group to build a self-ratcheting haul system on a moment's notice.

The Mini Traxion is a self-ratcheting pulley, rated for live loads. It can be used with or without the cam engaged. Great for hauling gear, too. It can also substitute for an ascender in an emergency.

Petzl Mini Traxion $85
SMC Mini Prusik-Minding Pulley $38
SMC Double Mini PMP $75
SMC 2" Prusik-Minding Pulley $57
SMC 2" Double PMP $89
Petzl Fixe $25
Petzl Rescue 2" Pulley $46
Petzl Tandem Highline Pulley $56
CMI 2" Pulley $25

GGG Adjustable Rigging Straps

Adjusts from 9 inches to 6 feet to make rigging quick and easy. 1-inch flat nylon webbing with sewn eyes and a steel buckle. Breaking load approx 4000 lbs. Stronger when doubled.

GGG Adjustable Rigging strap $15

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