Gonzo Guano Gear
"Serious caving requires serious gear..."

It doesn't matter if you're caving in the deepest caves on Planet Earth or in the most hideous, heinous, tightest, nastiest grodehole your hometown has to offer. Serious caving is about pushing yourself, pushing your limits, bring more than you would usually be. This is the spirit of the explorer. GGG started back in the early eightes when we realized that the gear that was out there wasn't adequate for the caving we wanted to do. We made our own. Since then, GGG has grown into a serious business. Besides manufacturing our own line of high quality packs, harnesses and ready-made ascending systems, GGG also offers equipment from Petzl, Bassett Metal Studios, Cancord, PMI, SMC, Kong-Bonaiti and other folks who manufacture equally high quality equipment for caving, rock climbing, cave rescue and camping (above and below ground). GGG simply will not offer a piece of gear unless we know that it works well. Because poor equipment shouldn't be what keeps you from pushing your limits...

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